About Us

Since 1999, American Cable Assemblies has proudly been supplying companies (like yours) with superior cable assemblies that truly fit their needs. We noticed that so many companies were trying to find solutions that just didn’t match their setup. As a result, they were using assemblies that did not fit well, required additional work for the technicians, and ended up becoming a hassle. American Cable Assemblies offers a customized approach to getting companies exactly what they need.

We are a production facility and both our corporate office and plant are located in Palmer, MA. With specialized cable assemblies on a DS0, DS1, and DS3 level for central offices, OSP, and data center applications, we carry everything you need. Our team also specializes in providing the following:

  • Cat 5e / Cat 6 / Cat 6A

  • Bulk cable and connectors

  • Fiber jumpers

  • Fiber attenuators

  • Power cables

  • Power harnesses

  • Fire blocks

  • Cable lugs

  • Lacing cords

  • Fuses

  • Co-location blocks

Our primary goal is to help our customers get what they need from one company in order to save them time and money. We work tirelessly to prove that we are the company for you. Our professionals are passionate about providing thorough communication and quality products. With our focus on innovation and industry developments, we promise to offer you the latest technology at a price you’ll love. Reach out today to learn more and customize your cable assembly.


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